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List of symptoms that can indicate need for vision therapy

1. Exhibits slow and unsure reading skills
2. Makes errors in copying from the board
3. Uses a finger or marker to keep place while reading
4. Loses place often during reading
5. Skips lines or repeats lines when reading
6. Skips words or adds words when reading
7. Complains of words running together
8. Write up or down hill and spaces words irregularly
9. Reverses letters (b and d) or words (saw or was)
10. Fails to recognize the same word in successive sentences
11. Mistakes words with the same or similar beginnings
12. Whispers to self for reinforcement while reading silently
13. Misaligns digits in columns of numbers
14. Develops headaches after reading or close-up work
15. Exhibits a decline in comprehension while reading
16. Has poor gross motor skills or is considered clumsy
17. Holds reading material very close to eyes
18. Closes or covers an eye when reading
19. Eye turns in or out especially when reading
20. Complains that one eye sees better than the other