Brecheen Learning and Vision Center takes great pride in providing our vision therapy services to the residents as we understand how vital it is to make sure that everyone that inquires about our team for vision services receive the best assistance possible.

One of the most important elements to a kid’s life is to grow properly in regards to their overall body and bodily functions. We have been able to assist children with ADD/ADHD that also endures vision issues as well. Here are some details and advice that we share with all parents that have kids with ADD/ADHD.

How does ADD/ADHD impact a child’s ability to learn?

ADD/ADHD are very important disorders that have to be addressed separately. Pairing either of them with the idea that now a young child has vision problems is not a situation that any kid should endure. However, since the combination does exist we are humble to know that we can help treat the symptoms as soon as possible. ADD/ADHD can impact a child’s ability to learn in a variety of ways.

Situations such as trauma to the nervous system (for example, closed head trauma, brain trauma, and birth injury) can definitely cause problems to how a young kid comprehends information and learns. With our vision therapy treatments, we focus on how a young kid can also cause inadequate sensorimotor development. This will cause a kid to have a very hard time with focusing on the task at hand in school (or at home), which will affect the ability that they learn.

How does ADD/ADHD tie into vision?

ADD/ADHD ties into vision because of the neurological brain symptoms that they come with. When certain parts of the brain are affected through injuries and/or hereditary, a child’s vision can be affected as well.

If the proper therapy/treatment is not given immediately, the symptoms could last long-term or permanently.

How can vision therapy improve their ability to learn?

It is very important to note that because a kid’s brain is not completely developed at their young ages, any type of issues that affect their brains can snowball down to their vision. With vision therapy, we will be able to properly treat, educate, and train the child to overcome the obstacles they are currently going through and improve their learning abilities (including visual-motor skills, endurance, and overcoming sensorimotor/vision deficits).

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Would you like to inquire more information about how vision therapy will benefit and help your young child with ADD/ADHD? We highly recommend to all of the parents that inquire about our services to seek treatment for their children as soon as possible. The earlier we can provide appropriate Vision Therapy to your children, the sooner they can continue to live a normal life.
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